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Find all the answers to our top medical questions from our team of experts.


What’s the deal with Oxymetazoline?

When you see oxymetazoline in your formula, don't be alarmed! Oxymetazoline is a highly effective decongestant medication found at a high dosage in Afrin. Afrin has a 3-day limit on use and are meant to be used very short-term (3 days) for colds or f

What should I do if I experience side effects from my medication?

Experiencing side effects is very unlikely. If you are having an emergency, go to a hospital right away or call 911. If it is not urgent, please consult with your allergist by sending a message to [email protected] and a member of the medical t

Do I need to be allergy tested before signing up for Allermi?

Nope! Allergy testing is not required before signing up for Allermi. We treat the symptoms of allergy, so whether you're allergic to cats, dogs, dust, pollen, grass or more, we can help relieve your symptoms. Our allergists may suggest formal allergy

I’ve tested negative to allergies in the past. Will Allermi still help improve my symptoms?

Even if you’ve had negative allergy testing, Allermi can certainly still benefit you if you're having nasal symptoms. Because Allermi treats inflammation and congestion in allergic and non-allergic nasal passages, even people without identifiable all

When can I expect to feel my symptoms improve?

Initial improvement in nasal symptoms in response to Super Spray should be prompt (within 10-15 minutes), and should improve even further with regular use over the course of several days to weeks. Peak nasal response might take up to 3-4 weeks. It is

How long will I need to use my nasal sprays?

The length of the course of treatment is dependent on the response of each individual patient and what symptoms are being treated. For example, people with seasonal allergies to pollen might only need to use their sprays for 3 months at a time, while

What about the 3-day limit on some over-the-counter nasal sprays? Does that apply here?

Your Super Spray formula may contain a very small dosage of decongestant medication. These medications, when sold full-strength in drugstores, often advise 3-day use limits on the label. Because our dosing of decongestant medication is a tiny fractio

If I start Allermi, can I keep taking my regular oral medications?

More than likely, you should be able to continue most existing oral medications. Our allergists will review your medications and notify you if any changes should be made. While there are no significant interactions between the components of Super Spr

Will Allermi’s nasal spray help my eye symptoms?

Yes. Many of the tubes and vessels of the eyes are connected to the nose, meaning that treating inflammation in the nasal passages with a nasal spray will also relieve inflammation in the eyes, helping to reduce itch, tearing and redness in the eyes.

Why do you not treat people who have inhaled powdered drugs before?

Powdered drugs can be caustic and inflammatory to the nasal tissue and can cause permanent blood-vessel fragility, perforations, erosions and other structural defects or deformities in the nasal passages that could worsen when exposed to medicated na

Why do some allergy sufferers need daily medication long-term?

Longstanding or repetitive exposure to environmental allergens creates chronic allergic inflammation - most commonly of the membranes of the nasal passages, eyes and throat - that in turn produces the classic chronic symptoms of allergy: congestion,

How can I better control indoor allergies?

For pet allergies: Use an air purifier with a HEPA filter, vacuum frequently (vacuum should also utilize a HEPA filter), bathe pets at least once weekly, do not allow pets in your bedroom, brush your pet regularly outdoors and keep pets off of clean