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Find all your questions about our Super Spray, Salinity Spray, ingredients, and more!


What is Super Spray?

Super Spray is our custom prescription nasal spray. It contains multiple active ingredients (at the right percentages for you) that each treat a different component of nasal allergy symptoms.

What are the active ingredients in Super Spray?

We use custom combinations and doses of up to 4 of the following active ingredients:. Oxymetazoline (decongestant) for congestion and stuffy nose (note: we use micro-doses of this ingredient to prevent side-effects). Azelastine (antihistamine) for sn

What are the inactive ingredients in Super Spray?

Carboxymethylcellulose: stabilizer, viscosity agent. Microcrystalline Cellulose: viscosity agent. Polysorbate 80: stabilizer, emulsifier, solvent. Propylene Glycol: stabilizer, solvent, emulsifier. Benzalkonium Chloride: preservative against microbia

What is Salinity Spray?

Salinity Spray is our all-natural nasal saline mist that hydrates, soothes and cleanses the nasal passages.

What order do I take my sprays? How do I use my Allermi kit?

Please make sure you're doing the following every time when using your Allermi kit:. STEP 1: SALINITY SPRAY. *If your nose is very dry or you have a lot of excess mucus or post-nasal drip, you can use Salinity Spray to really rinse your nasal passage

Can I share my nasal sprays with my child or partner?

No. While the components of Super Spray are safe to use in children 6+, Allermi is currently prescribing for adults 18 and over only. We caution against the sharing of nasal sprays, since doing so could be a means of transmitting infection. Only the

Does Allermi dispense oral antihistamines?

Allermi does not dispense oral antihistamines or any other oral medications. However, oral antihistamines can be helpful medications in reducing nasal and eye itch, as well as sneezing. Your allergist may recommend that you take an oral antihistamine

Does Allermi dispense oral decongestants?

Allermi does not dispense oral decongestants or any other oral medications at this time. Oral decongestants, such as pseudoephedrine or phenylephrine, are the active ingredients in medications like Sudafed, Mucinex-D, Allegra-D, Claritin-D and Zyrtec

Can I take my nasal sprays on an airplane?

Yes! Because many people experience exacerbated nasal symptoms during air travel, using the nasal sprays before takeoff and descent of the aircraft can help prevent the discomfort caused by cabin-pressure changes felt in the head, face or ears. Plus,

How is Allermi different than Flonase?

Flonase is an anti-inflammatory nasal steroid sold in stores containing one medication, fluticasone, at a fixed dose. Fluticasone works slowly over time to reduce inflammation in the nose. In contrast, Allermi contains up to 4 medication ingredients

How is Allermi different from regular nasal spray?

1- Allermi contains multiple (3-4) active ingredients, where regular nasal sprays contain just one. That means you get more comprehensive relief of all your symptoms, that work right away and over the long term, all in one bottle. 2- Allermi is custo

Can I use my Allermi long-term?

Yes. Allermi is safe for sustained daily use long-term and we can adjust your formula if needed as you monitor your progress.

Can Allermi cause sinus infection?

We don't agree with the physician's opinion that sinuses that have better ventilation are more likely to become infected. In fact, the opposite is true - if anything, sinuses that are better ventilated can defend better against infection! Nevertheles

Is Allermi a cure?

Like many chronic diseases, there is no cure for allergies. There is immunotherapy - i.e., allergy shots - which desensitize the immune system to one's allergy triggers, but even this needs to be continued lifelong for lasting relief. Because there i

Do I take Allermi year-round, or can I stop after a few months if feeling better, and then resume if symptoms return?

You can use Allermi when you need it! If your symptoms are strongly seasonal, then during your allergy seasons, that may be twice-daily, every day for a limited number of weeks or months, stopping as the season comes to an end and you no longer are t

Is Allermi habit-forming?

You should not experience rebound congestion, otherwise known as habit formation, with Allermi. We use a micro-dose of decongestant in combination with anti-inflammatory medications that has been proven to prevent rebound congestion/habit formation,

How long will my nasal sprays last?

Your nasal spray is designed to last you for one month of treatment with 1 spray per nostril, twice daily. Please note that you should avoid using Super Spray past its expiration date printed on the label.

Can I use my nasal sprays if I have COVID-19 symptoms?

Our nasal sprays can help treat the nasal symptoms of COVID-19, such as congestion and runny nose. Please order a new nasal spray once your infection has passed, so as to avoid re-infection.

Can I use my nasal sprays if I have a cold or sinus infection?

The Super Spray components can help decongest the nasal passages and reduce the inflammation caused by the immune response to infection - so, it will help treat your stuffy nose during a cold, too!. It is recommended that after a cold or sinus infect

Side-effects / Contraindications

We’ll go through the ingredients one-by-one---the information below is not an exhaustive list, and individual-patient responses to medications will vary. Triamcinolone - There are no known long-term side effects to using triamcinolone in the dosage r

Will Allermi create a false-positive on a drug test?

Allermi should have absolutely zero effect on a drug test. No reports of false-positives are associated with any of the ingredients in our formulas. However, pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) and the -D medications (Claritin-D, Allegra-D) have been shown to